Medium is the Message is a series of fine art portraits that portray people in my life using photography, mixed media processes and found objects. I created this work because I associate experiences, emotions and memories to physical objects. I’ve invested so much time and sentiments into my personal belongings that they've become physical manifestations of how I feel and who I am much like my use of photography. Combining found objects with my photographs provides a tangible component to what I try to preserve in my memory.

Throughout this project I've found that these objects are direct extensions of my subjects and I am using them as a medium to visually describe each individual. Not only do the objects tell a story about each person, they also have universal and contextual meanings that provide different layers of interpretation between the viewer, the subject, and myself.

The 16 mixed media pieces were digitally captured, printed, and transferred onto various objects and substrates. The proportions of each assemblage range from 12-14 inches in height and width causing the dimensions of each piece to vary.

This body of work has been exhibited at the following locations:

Cafe Zoetrope, San Francisco, CA

Mar 29, 2016

Cafe Zoetrope, San Francisco, CA

Nov 17, 2015

625 Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Dec 29, 2014 through Feb 2, 2015

AAU Gallery at The Cannery, San Francisco, CA

Dec 4, 2014 through Dec 28, 2014

Academy of Art University 2014 Spring Show, San Francisco, CA

May 2014

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