The title of this work is Crown City. Now I know that phrase has several connotations but for me it is in reference to a place, Black Rock city; The temporary city built each year also known as Burning Man. Crown is in reference to the crown chakra, the energy center at the top of the head, that gives us access to the higher states of consciousness and stimulates our imaginations.

What you see before you are 22 double/triple exposures originally shot on film and with my iPhone. The images are then printed digitally on acetate, and then transferred to aluminum plates. I chose metal as the substrate for this work because it is one of the most commonly used materials at Burning Man. You'll see it in the structures, art cars and sculptures all throughout Black Rock City. Another reason I chose aluminum is because of the reflective quality of the metal, much like a mirror. I enjoy the interplay between the viewer catching a glimpse of themselves in the artwork and how that adds another layer of visual complexity to the experience. 

Most importantly, the reason why I created this work is because Burning Man is a place I was calling home even before I knew what it meant to me. There's something to be said about a place where, upon entry, you are greeted by burners, graciously pulling you out of your car, offering you a warm, dusty embrace and saying, "welcome home." That right there immediately sets the tone for you to be comfortable, free to be who you are in the inside for the next two weeks. 

You then find yourself in a city of 70,000 people who are expressing themselves in all capacities, more often than not on a grand scale. The overall experience is in fact over-stimulating in the best way and when its all said and done, these memories you've made are too complex for words, which is why I take pictures.

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